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How To Spice And Make Catfish Pecel Sauce | Yummy

Catfish pecel is the name of a typical Javanese food consisting of catfish, fresh vegetables, and chili sauce. catfish pecel is a catfish dish that has the name of the origin of catfish pecak  which is processed by means of fried crisp (according to taste) and is typical of Java middle of the catfish has nutrients such as calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamin B12, selenium.

How to make catfish pecel sauce is very easy. there are many variants of chilli sauce with catfish such as :pecel catfish served with chilli paste,  pecel catfish served with green sauce, catfish pecel served with soy sauce sauce, because of authentic catfish pecel with sauce, fresh vegetables, and white rice, catfish pecel sauce many  us meet in restaurants or warteg (roadside warungs).

How to spice up catfish so as not to fishy. first we do catfish cleaned and then flushed with lemon juice and soaked with some ingredients that are  such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, and galangal soak about 10 minutes. so t…
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Simple Sauteed Kangkung

Seasoning sauteed kangkung don't use much of the ingredients in the kitchen, only a few ingredients. Spinach stir-fried is a form of sauteed fresh vegetables that are commonly consumed by Indonesians and foreigners, especially my family loves it. sauteed kangkung when in Serve in hot conditions. Water spinach vegetables contain lots of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, calories, and carbohydrates.

How to make sauteed kangkung is very easy and not difficult. many variants of kangkung cooking methods such as: kangkung ripe tauco, kangkung cook soup,kangkung seafood sauteed, shrimp paste kangkung etc.
Let's practice how to cook / sauteed kangkung, the ingredients needed are:
2 bunch of kangkung3 red onions2 garlic5 large chillies1 tomatosaltOyster sauceflavoringwaterSteps as follows:
sliced ​​ingredients such as red onion, garlic, chili, tomato, then saute the ingredients been sliced ​​unless tomatoes are stir-fry until cooked / the smell of the spices comes…

Recipes And How To Cook Tamarind Vegetable Soup

Recipes or spices from  tamarind vegetable soup are actually often found in traditional markets or small stalls. Sour vegetables consist of green vegetables, beans, squash, corn,part of one of the characteristics oftamarind vegetable soup ,which Tamarind Java. Tamarind java can also cure various diseases. spices that are used are not too much so it is not difficult to make a recipe.
How to cook tamarind vegetable soup, in my opinion a little difficult but the results are hooked when we eat . because many have to be cleaned and boiled so that it waits a little longer. tamarind vegetable soup offers many creations that are not less tasty than other vegetable soups.

Tamarind vegetable soup recipe, ingredients needed such as:
1 squash of Siamese3 corn1/4 kg of peanuts (before boiling soak for about 10 minutes so that when not boiled for too long)1/4 kg of cabbage1/2 tamarind1 bunch  of melinjo leavespapayaflavoringBay leafsaltgalangalwaterIngredients which are pureed:
3 large chillies4 shallo…

How To Make Grilled Soy Sauce Chicken

How to make grilled soy sauce chicken is very easy and simple. Many people know and like grilled chicken because it is low in cholesterol and the aroma of the chicken is different when it is roasted. why is it called lace cholesterol because the chicken is not fried but is burned so that the oil fat in the chicken comes out.
Surely every family has different moments to enjoy each dish served. grilled soy sauce chicken is very delicious when provide with white rice and vegetables. various types of processed chicken such aschicken fried rice, bali chicken recipe,soy sauce chicken, chicken curry etc.
How to make grilled soy sauce chicken ingredients that are needed such as:
1/2 kg of chicken (thigh)watersoy saucebay leaflemongrassSoftened seasoning :

3 candlenuts5 shallots4 garlicturmericgingergalangalpeppersaltSteps as follows:
Boil the chicken that has been seasoned with spices the input  of bay leaves, lemongrass, salt, wait for about 15 minutes, remove the drain.Take the teplon / oven (a…

How To Make Sauce And Beef Spaghetti | Style Ita

How to make beef  spaghetti is easy, simple in style ita. Spaghetti is traditional Italian cuisine that many people enjoy abroad because the noodles are chewy and taste good. Indonesians also like it but most people are more familiar with other types of noodles such as supermi, , indomie, etc. but for Taiwan countri it is called the termITALI MIEN.for how to cook Italian noodles is as real as spaghetti, there is a type of Italian Mien. Noodle spaghetti is made from samumol durum wheat which means it has better nutrition and health in every portion.
Ho How to make Beef Spaghetti (Italian mien),  ingredients needed such as:

250 gr of spaghetti al-dente noodles200gr of minced beef2 garlic2 shallots1/2 large onion,2 tomatoes (already blended)pepper powderchili powdersaltsugaroreganoolive oilThe steps are as follows:
First prepare pan, pour the waiting water until boiling add salt, olive oil, then add the cooked al-dente noodles until done.While waiting for the noodles to mature, then make th…

How To Make Fish Pepes | Delicious

How to make delicious fish pepes. my family really likes it, especially my child when i made him eat with his lab. because the fish contains a lot of vitamins, which i explained in my cooking blog entitled grilled fish.

Ingredients needed to make pepes fish:
1 / 2kg of satay fish2 lemongrass sticks1 basil bunchleek1 sdm sugarvegetable oilsaltflavoringIngredients which are pureed:
3 small chillies5 large chilliesa little turmerica little ginger6 red onion cloves4 cloves garlic5 candlenut Steps as follows:
first, wash the fish after that, coat it with ingredients that have been mashed mixed with basil , a little vegetable oil ,salt,sugar,flavoring,leek + _5 minutes (10 minutes) let it sit for a while.then we prepare banana leaves or aluminum foil because here there are no banana leaves so I use aluminum foil which we can find in various supermarkets.then we take the fish and arrange it aluminum foil, and paste the basil leaves, lemongrass slices and we cover the ends to the ends so the water…

Grilled Fish | Yummy

Everyone likes from one type of processed seafood, fish. Today I will make a recipe from processed grilled fish. many fish contain vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, protein, amino acids. various types of processed fish such as fish sauce, fried fish, tongseng, steam fish,andfish pepes.

How to make grilled fish, ingredients needed such as:
1 fish (large size)1 lemon3 small chillies Softened seasoning :
2 large chillies3 garlic4 shallots1/4 segment of ginger1/4 turmeric segment Additional spices:
saltflavoringsoy saucehoneypepper powdersugar1 lemongrasscooking oil Steps as follows:
pour the oil a little cooking oil then add the seasonings that have been mashed after that add salt, sugar, flavoring, lemongrass stir until cooked.coat the fish with spices that have been stir-fried, let stand about 15 minutes so that the spices soak into the fish.then prepare a place to burn can use the oven or Teflon, according to taste. burn about 30 minutes while rubbing the fish using a mixture of soy sauc…